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Boa catches tayra near Otorongo lodge

Last June, I was gardening at my home in Oran when I heard a bone chilling scream coming from the forest just behind the lodge. I immediately ran into the forest to investigate what had made the sound. After about … Continue reading

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Tamandua anteater caught on video by guest

I would like to thank Michelle Lam who visited earlier this year for posting this video. They were on excursion upstream Amazon River from Otorongo lodge when they spotted this beautiful tamandua eating the fire ants from a cecropia tree.

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Pink dolphin observation with Otorongo expeditions

The pink and gray river dolphins abound in our area of the Amazon River downstream from Iquitos. Some are so bold that they even slap their tails underneath the boat while we are watching. we even have our secret tactics … Continue reading

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Brave traveler photographs 15 foot Anaconda in flooded forest near Otorongo Expeditions jungle lodge

On the 22nd of April 2013, Jill Elaine Roche , a brave American traveller set off with her local guides to explore an extensive varzea or flooded forest by wooden canoe. They were sneaking in amongst the trees leaving no … Continue reading

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Why am I in the Amazon?

At the turn of the century,I had the opportunity to visit the Amazon River with my father. We decide to do a seven day trip with a lodge located in the Tahuayo Reserve. We had a great time seeing how … Continue reading

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Minute jumping spider attempts communication to human

I vow to take macro photos of every jumping spider I encounter. For me, these spiders are the most interesting and probably the most intelligent of all. The jumping spiders are from the family (Salticidae) which has more than 500 … Continue reading

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Odontomachus trap jaw ant sips from extra floral nectary

For the last two weeks I have been trooping around the Rainforest near Oran with my new camera taking macro shots of every insect possible. I was very excited to see my favorite species of carnivorous ant sipping away at … Continue reading

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