Our Operation

Otorongo Expeditions Is a ecologically responsible tour company at operates in the lower Amazon River region of Peru. Owned by Peruvian/American couple Anthony and Ivonne Giardenelli for eight years, we provide a variety of services which include custom expeditions such as sport fishing, camping, trekking, bird watching and comfortable personalized jungle lodging. Pick and choose what activities you are interested in, after all,it’s your adventure.

Our lodge is located near the village of Oran, a 2.5 hour speedboat ride from the city of Iquitos. So far Oran is the only designated national heritage site in the Peruvian Amazon due to the sheer quantity of ancient pottery shards that wash up with the rains.

Our lodge consists of a rustic construction with palm thatch roof, but do not be fooled, we have available a modern kitchen, plumbing, solar set up for recharging your batteries and for 12volt lighting. Each room has its own private bathroom. The rooms are conveniently closed in by mosquito netting to ensure a good nights sleep. Each guest that comes with us is appointed a personal bilingual naturalist guide with whom you can organize on the spot what you will do each day.

With three exceptionally prepared meals per day highlighting regional produce, you may not ever want to leave. During down time,feel free to roam our extensive tropical butterfly gardens that surround the lodge. Count endless amounts of hummingbirds and exotic flowers just a stones throw from your room.

From our lodge it is possible to discover over fifteen different ecosystems endemic to the Amazon River region over the course of a week, there is no other company that offers such a diversity of programs in such unique areas of the Peruvian Amazon. See giant ceiba trees, mammoth lily pads, pink and gray river dolphins, hike through many different forest ecosystems spotting monkeys, exotic birds and canoe through the seasonally flooded forest
We are highlighted in Lonely Planets Peru guide as their pick, we have top reviews on trip-advisor and have been featured in several television programs such as “Hooked” and Robson Green’s Extreme fishing.

We do not just put the phrase “green” or “Eco” just because it sells,we actually exercise practices such as composting, the use of low emission motors, solar panels for renewable energy source and a proper septic system. We also are one of the highest paying lodges for locals even when there are no guests to take around!
We work with several native communities that all of our guests visit. We pay each community on a monthly basis to protect their communal lands and keep out commercial hunters and lumber companies. For example, the community of San Gregorio is very content with our visits, not only is their communal forest intact also they receive visits of international guests interested in purchasing handicrafts from the producers themselves. Another example is the community of Jatun Caño where we have sport fishing programs that benefit the village and their resources. We also have an extensive rotative staff from the surrounding communities that serve as local guides, gardeners, waiters , drivers, and maid service.

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