Our lodge is located 100km east of Iquitos, Peru close to the historic village of Oran. The trip in speed boat only takes 2.5 hours and in a slow boat 5 hours.

We are located near the largest tract of unbroken highland forest in all of Loreto. To the north is the Ampiyacu, Apayacu communal conservation unit where 18 indigenous tribes live out their days, subsistence hunting, fishing and sustainable artesian craft making.

To the south is the San Gregorio communal reserve where they practice similar method as the Conservation unit mentioned above.

Oran is the only Lowland Amazonian village declared a Peruvian National Heritage site for its wealth of potteries and artifacts found,Fabled as the first Amazon village to encounter a European Francisco de Orellana

Ecosystems and microclimates to explore:
Primary terra firme, sandy, varzea, igapo forest, devils garden, aguaje palm swamps,mineral wallows, treefall gaps,liana dominated forests , pioneer and secondary forest of all types, beaches and river islands,transitional forests, bamboo,rubber, Phytelephas dominated AND MANY MORE!

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Otorongo Expeditions

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