Boa catches tayra near Otorongo lodge

Last June, I was gardening at my home in Oran when I heard a bone chilling scream coming from the forest just behind the lodge. I immediately ran into the forest to investigate what had made the sound. After about ten minutes of searching, I found nothing. Is tarted heading back to the lodge when some movement caught my eye. It was this giant red tail boa wrapping up a tayra which is a large member of the weasel family.

The tayra is a very strong animal known to eat spiny rats, squirrels, snakes, henna fruit, papaya and insects. They are terrestrial and arboreal so they have very large sharp claws.

I believe the boa caught the tayra completely by surprise, otherwise it might have been a different outcome for the snake. It is known that tayras also eat red tail boas. I personally think the tayra smelled the snake and headed straight to it for a meal.

We observed and took a few videos but later left the snake to swallow his meal.

Of course we had no guests at this time in the lodge, no one to show off to. That usually happens.

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