Amazon river level drops, good news for fisherman, bad news for fish

As expected , the worlds largest river has begun its downward cycle to the lowest levels of the year until spiking up again with the seasonal rainfalls in the headwaters. You may note a leveling off for several days, these are local flooding events in distant tributaries such as the Ucayali and Marañon rivers.

20130616-092012 p.m..jpg
Our Sportfishing season is starting here and we are starting with a Bang!

20130616-092038 p.m..jpgAndi with his red tail catfish

20130616-092108 p.m..jpgLogan and his tiger catfish

20130616-092151 p.m..jpgJohn with his white piraña

20130616-092304 p.m..jpgJon with his peacock bass

20130616-093210 p.m..jpgEber with an assortment of brook fish

20130616-093438 p.m..jpgmyself with a very nice brycon and other assorted brook fish.

To learn more about the only Sportfishing outfitter in the Peruvian Amazon, please contact Anthony Giardenelli at Otorongo Expeditions

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