Amazon Sportfishing outfitter

20130721-062916 p.m..jpgOwner and top fishing guide Anthony Giardenelli

The only complete Sportfishing outfitter in the Peruvian Amazon is Otorongo Expeditions. Others may offer a Sportfishing program but they are always bring your own equipment. We have the best rods and reels available from small Sportfish to BIG catfish. Not to mention the most experienced fishing guides around. Our guides don’t fish because its work. They fish because it is life!

Don’t get stuck with inexperienced fishing guides and stick poles. Come on and reserve an authentic Sportfishing adventure with Otorongo Expeditions .

We can customize your trip to however you like. You may want the comfy jungle lodge with daily fishing excursions or you may prefer our safari cruise in a boat typical to this region. We also offer camping in deep jungle for hard to reach headwater tributaries .

Here are a few species of fish commonly caught while on a trip with Otorongo Expeditions

Red tailed catfish

20130721-063033 p.m..jpg

White piraña

20130721-063208 p.m..jpg
Rock Bacu or giant armored catfish

20130721-063248 p.m..jpg

Freshwater croaker or Corvina

20130721-063406 p.m..jpg
Short tailed stingray

20130721-063644 p.m..jpg
Balatero or Brachyplathystoma migratory catfish

20130721-063654 p.m..jpg

Doncella Tiger and red tailed catfish

20130721-075151 p.m..jpg

Arowana or osteoglossum dragon fish

20130721-080201 p.m..jpg

Peacock bass

20130721-075215 p.m..jpg

Fishing crew and safari cruise boat known locally as Pamacari

20130721-063751 p.m..jpg

For more information on Sportfishing in the Iquitos Region please contact Otorongo Expeditions
Some more fish caught by owner and fishing guide Anthony Giardenelli

20130721-075844 p.m..jpg

20130721-075951 p.m..jpg

20130721-080003 p.m..jpg

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