The first two shots are of a storm brewing over an Amazon river Island20130509-094155 a.m..jpg
20130509-094530 a.m..jpg

A marvelous rainbow touched down in front of us
20130509-095338 a.m..jpg

This is a flood plane lake called Cocha Mayo
20130509-095605 a.m..jpg

Another type of flood plane lake called chontillal (for the spiny chontilla palms)

20130511-070847 a.m..jpg

This is a section of floating meadow close to the mouth of Napo River
20130509-100511 a.m..jpg

This is a cross section of the north and south banks of the Amazon River
20130509-125724 p.m..jpg

Cross section of the Amazon river before arrival to Oran

20130511-071001 a.m..jpg

This is a slow moving stream in a transitional forest that makes its way to the Amazon River

20130511-071528 a.m..jpg

20130511-071018 a.m..jpg

Transitional forest from terra firme to chupaderos

20130511-071544 a.m..jpg

More transitional forest from the skirt of the high ground

20130511-071551 a.m..jpg

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