Amazon River flooding this year “not so bad”

I had a very bad feeling about this years flood. I took the necessary precautions but thankfully it seems as though the Amazon River at Iquitos has reached its max for the year. The river may play within a few inches up or down until mid May when it is expected to fall slowly to low season levels.

20130424-073449 p.m..jpg
Many people dodged having to evacuate as they did last year, although the majority of low land settlements have water up to their floors, they are content with not having to evacuate and hold out the flood on makeshift scaffolding.

I only had to transplant a few charapita pepper bushes and thirty pineapples. I have been dreading the mobilization of the hundreds of ornamentals but I think we just may have lucked out on the weather.

At least it will give time for the lakes located on the highest parts of lowland flats to become boiling pots of aquatic life forms waiting for the next big flood to release them into the main river.

From here I can imagine that the flood level may taper down each year for a few years until it bottoms out and starts the upward swing who knows when. The cycling of highs and lows over the years is most likely related to ENSO or El Niño southern oscillations. Intense studies are still underway to better predict and understand the weather patters that are affecting people globally

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2 Responses to Amazon River flooding this year “not so bad”

  1. Irene Brady says:

    Anthony, you mean the water was almost clear up to the LODGE? Where were the pineapples and chaparitas? Do you have to take up your long stairs down to the water during the floods?

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