Tamandua photos taken by trail camera 50 yards from Otorongo jungle lodge

This fine specimen of blonde Amazonian tamandua was passing by my trail camera just before midnight last week. Six photos were taken but I only put the two best.

20130403-101901 p.m..jpg

20130403-110906 p.m..jpg
The camera was located on a heavy travelled wildlife trail only fifty yards from the Otorongo expeditions jungle lodge in a mixed patch of secondary and primary forest.

This species of ant eater has many variable habits that are learned from their parents, some may have a preference of one ant or termite to the next. Some are diurnal and some are nocturnal. What seems to be generally the same though is when they sleep, they like dark cool places like holes in hollowed out trees or in the sides of hills in the burrows of giant armadillos “Priodontis

Just last week a guest took a video and a few pictures of another blonde tamandua as he hung from a tree with his prehensile tails while he tore opens the branches of the cecropia tree to get at its ants.

20130403-102210 p.m..jpg
Otorongo Expeditions

Stay tuned,

Its only a matter of time before a jaguar passes by

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