Tips to see more wildlife while in the Amazon

To optimize your chances here are some general rules for serious wildlife watchers

Go more than three days, don’t try to squeeze the trip of a lifetime in less than a work week.

Pick a place that is far from major cities.

Take binoculars. The animals are there and need to be found. Sometimes they are far away and the best view is behind lenses

Wear darker clothing that assimilate to forest colors( no bright white) animals pick that unnatural shade out from quite a distance.(even though darker colors attract more Mosquitos)

If sitting and waiting in a blind.
Stop spraying that offensive insect repellent, even I can smell it from a mile away.
Wear long sleeves and a mosquito head net if you need to

Get out early to see wildlife, do not wait until 9 am to leave on an excursion.
There is more activity early in the morning, animals are less skittish and more available for viewing as they forage for their breakfast.

Try to walk as quietly as your guide while on jungle treks.
Observe obstacles on the trail and avoid tripping over them.
Whisper to your partner or guide as to not spook any animals.

Look past the foliage that is in front of you. Peer fifty yards ahead into the canopy of another tree, look through the peep holes the jungle provides.
Look for movement of branches that do not coincide with the wind.

Go on night hikes, nighttime is wonderful to see all different types of creature great and small (take a good flashlightmaglite xl50 and up ).

Try to get out camping for a few days, you will have better opportunities at dawn and dusk. The lodge is very nice, it will be even better when you come back!

Remember that you are not going to a zoo or the savannah where animals are open for viewing from distances, the forest is thick and confusing to the untrained eye.

Otorongo Expeditions

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