Giant stingray caught

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This Incredible specimen of short tailed freshwater stingray was caught near Oran, Peru Lower Amazon River region. It weighed in at 154lb over 4ft long including her short tail. We were fishing on the point of two rivers combining when she sucked the live bait directly into her mouth. She managed to swim a distance until it became like a rock at the bottom of the river. We had to untie and follow her downstream. When a stingray is hooked, they bury themselves in the sediment practically suctioned to the bottom. They are very stubborn, and at this point, if you do not have the right gear, it’s really easy to lose.

After about 30 agonizing minutes, we had a crowd of other local fisherman in awe at the braided nylon fishing line that is almost as fine as thread. Some of them were very impressed and stayed until we had beached the ray. We decided to take it to Oran Village to weigh and distribute to villagers and fisherman who followed us. We also took home a few kilos for eating, it is delicious prepared in any way!

Freshwater stingrays of the Amazon river Basin are unique from others due to their natural history of isolation through geological change (uplift of Andes Mountains approx 60 million years ago). All species of Amazonian rays have genetic roots with ray species found in the pacific ocean and none in the Atlantic furthermore solidifying the case that the Amazon flowed westward before the end of the Cretaceous period. There are over 20 species of rays here in the Amazon as well as many species of fish, mollusks and other invertebrates that evolved from marine dwelling organisms.

20121211-111214 p.m..jpg

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2 Responses to Giant stingray caught

  1. thats a serious fish Anthony! happy new year guys

  2. otoex says:

    Thanks Jon, happy New Years to you too!

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