Guest book and friends of Otorongo Expeditions

As I sit here at the computer in Iquitos after 3 weeks at the lodge I find myself……. Itching to get back out there . Many guests have the same urge to come back and sometime not even leave. Fear not, this feeling IS natural and comes over me every time I have to make the trip back to the city. I generally have to spend some time before I go telling my birds to behave, not to miss me too much and to not chew on the lawn furniture. After some sobbing with my macaws, I make the move slowly to the port keeping in mind I will be back soon.

Many guests never want to say goodbye and are nearly dragged by family members down the port and into the boat mafia style. whatch his head! This reaction is normal, the jungle takes a firm grasp on your mind and body (not to mention the very comfortable environment of the lodge and especially the hammock room)

This blog is for all of our friends who have come to visit us in Oran. If you feel inclined, please leave a comment about your visit. Tell us about your experience at Otorongo- maybe you had the time of your life! possibly you got pecked by juan the toucan or got startled on your jungle walk by a herd of peccaries, or barely escaped the grasp of a giant anaconda. No matter what, we know you had a blast.

Come on adventurous travellers lets hear some stories or comments about your time in Oran with Otorongo

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6 Responses to Guest book and friends of Otorongo Expeditions

  1. Jesse says:

    Otorongo Expeditions is the best!

  2. We had the most awesome Amazon experience at your lodge and can’t wait to come back! We’ve got our group of organic farmers that are psyched on coming down with us next time, thank you so much for the amazing experience!

  3. RC & AK says:

    Otorongo Expeditions is the most authentic, customized, and friendly group for Amazon vacations. We could not believe how warm and hospitable each person at the lodge was – Anthony and our wonderful personal guide, Hulber, ate every meal with us, shared laughs, hiked and explored alongside. The entire staff went above and beyond. Back in the city, Anthony and Ivy even took us out to lunch before our departing flight. What more could you ask for! We cannot wait to return with all our friends 🙂 Thank you Otorongo for the wonderful memories!

  4. Irene Brady says:

    My visit to Otorongo was THE most fascinating journey of my life. I came to sketch and journal my jungle experience, and I was instantly immersed and intensely engaged every single moment.

    Antony and Ivy are top-notch hosts in every respect, and I love the way they, the guides, and all the guests eat and chat together in a warm, family atmosphere. All of the people who work at the lodge are friendly and helpful. The food is great. My guide Osmar made my visit a total success, seeming more like a favorite brother than a guide, although as a guide he does an excellent job. The jungle more than met my expectations, interacting with Tio Juan, the toucan, was a blast, and traveling to and fro on the Amazon never ceased to delight me. I hope to return again and again.

    I have been blogging my trip, which began in Costa Rica then proceeded on to Iquitos and the Amazon. You’re invited to come and experience my stay at Otorongo with me ~ there are lots of photos, and sketches from my sketchbook. The Otorongo segment begins here:

    Thank you Antony, Ivy, Osmar and everyone else for a wonderful stay!

  5. Zach Sharpe says:

    It’s hard to put what I personally gained from my jungle experience into words. As a child I often imagined the Amazon jungle as this slithering cesspool of life, teaming with countless types of dangerous creatures. I have always wanted to jump into it, get dirty, and see if it lived up to my childhood expectations.

    Well, it did. And Anthony, Ivy, and Walter from Otorongo Expeditions were the gatekeepers of that for me. Anthony and Walter personally took us piranha fishing, frog catching, and termite eating. They introduced us to all kinds of plants, animals, and insects, and got us as deep into the jungle as we wanted to go. Plus, the lodge itself is extremely comfortable and the food we were served was literally the best we had while in South America.

    It was an amazingly fulfilling experience. Thank you Otorongo for making it possible.

  6. Adam Norten says:

    My experience at Otorongo Lodge was truly the adventure of a life time. By request I was taken to a remote area to see native people living in the Amazon. There I was introduced to the Chief of the Yagua Indians who presented me with a blowgun and darts as a gift. We canoed, camped, and hiked long distances every day through the jungle carving our path with machetes. The staff at Otorongo lodge will make your experience as leisurely or adventurous as you wish. I asked to be pushed to my limit and they did not disappoint. I was taught survival skills for living in the jungle. I saw countless rare species, including primates, reptiles, cayman, poison frogs, tree sloths, birds, insects, pink and gray dolphins. In addition, I was taken to a secret river bed that was full of hundreds of prehistoric fossils. To cool off we bathed in a private waterfall.

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