Group camping trip available for First week of June with Otorongo Expeditions


Day 1:
Meet in Iquitos, make way to port of Productores to catch speed boat at 9am

We will take a public speed boat to Indiana (45min travel time)

From Indiana, we will take a covered wooden boat to Oran stopping possibly at the old fashioned horse drawn moonshine distillery of Don Armando Guerra .

Prepare for the jungle hike with a quick briefing, store any unnecessary gear for safekeeping in the lodge. Get to know your surroundings a bit and sleep in the lodge.

-Day 2, 3, 4, 5:
Leave with camping gear and food for 4 days (minus meals eaten in villages).
Camp in the jungle or near a local village (Hammock/tent).
Jungle hike and canoe on the river/see wildlife/fauna, visit local villages, learn about basic jungle survival skills, medicinal plants,fish, sleep in villages or camp in the jungle .

Take your time with your guides to get to know the surrounding wonders

-Day 6: Make way back to lodge by mid day, Sleep one night in the lodge.

-Day 7: make way back to Iquitos, leave by mid day with lunch aboard. 4 hours to Indiana and 45 minutes from Indiana to Iquitos.

– Transfer from and to the airport
- Transport in and out to the lodge by boat
- Permanent and private Naturalist Bilingual Guide
- Local indigenous guide
- Lodging with private bathroom for 2 nights
- All daily excursions.
- Rubber boots
- 3 excellent meals a day (we do vegetarian food if you require)
- Snack, purified water to drink, coffee, tea available at any time at the lodge
- Batteries recharge by solar panel while at lodge
- Tents

Our service is highly personalized,you would have to decide with your fellow travelers the exact details of your trip!

100 dollars per day total 700 for the seven days.

If you are interested in this trip please contact Otorongo Expeditions

20130126-082238 a.m..jpg

20130126-082320 a.m..jpg

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